• To empower Black Methodists for effective witness and service among pastors, laity in local churches, conferences, schools, and the larger community.

  • To encourage and involve Black Methodists and others in the struggle for economic and social justice.

  • To expose latent and overt forms of racism in all local, regional, and agencies and institutions of The United Methodist Church.

  • To act as an agitating conscience on all boards and agencies of The United Methodist Church in order to keep them sensitive to the needs and expressions of a “genuinely”inclusive and relevant Church.

  • To keep before the Church the crucial issues facing us by initiating action and supporting Church agencies which realistically deal with the needs of Black people; i.e., issues spelled out in “The Findings of Black Methodists for Church Renewal”and the other occasional documents adopted by BMCR.

  • To initiate, develop, and implement strategies and instruments for the development, maintenance, and growth of strong Black local churches.

  • To provide an instrument through which we can educate and cultivate the Black constituency of our Church toward a greater knowledge of missions within the Caribbean.


Black Methodists for Church Renewal, Inc.
Our Time Under God Is Now! 

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